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Facilitaion Skills for Trainers: Go Interactive!

Training - or rather, constant learning - is a staple of talented workers who want to stay current in the workforce. At the same time, our tolerance for long lectures and endless slide decks (you know these by the brand name, PowerPoint) has waned. In fact, some say the average attention span has dropped under seven minutes, and what a challenge that presents when you have to cover the latest compliance course or customer service and sales training?
Today, presenters need a new rhythm to classes and presentations that take advantage of learner's energy and attention cycles. Ice breakers are great, but then what? How can trainers maximize the training time? Attend a two-day seminar in Anchorage on September 28 and October 1, 2018 (with homework in between) and we will develop training plans with at least five new methods for facilitated learning. Interested?

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