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Training at a Distance

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Training at a Distance

We are in the COVID times and this pandemic has changed business, careers, home life, everything. Some think this is tragic, but there is something good about it: we have been prompted to take stock of business and career decisions. I have noticed an increase in calls from people who want to get a new job or take courses/certificates to 'pandemic-proof' their current employment. Have you assessed your own situation? Is it time to generate additional work opportunities or to create a training plan to update your skills?
The opportunities to have presentations for your staff while maintaining social distance have exploded. Have you explored Coursera? Udemy? Other MOOCs? You might check your local library to see what access portals are available to you if you have a library card. In the Anchorage area, the library offers the series of courses known originally as but now are marketed as a LinkedIn product. With a library card, you gain access with no enrollment fees! The scope of offerings ranges from leadership and communications, to technical skills, and more.
I recently worked with a job seeker with 15 years in her career, recommending that she take some courses to update her knowledge AND credentials. For example, have you taken a course on the most modern version of the Microsoft products? Are you able to use MS Teams? Using her library access and her evening hours, she updated dates and details that could be reflected on her resumes and her LinkedIn profile. When one job opportunity was listed with a stated preference for knowledge of a specific software, she took an introductory course. Then, she could show awareness of the software instead of having nothing to say about it, and her truthfulness about being a novice increased her credibility when she was interviewed.
Think about it: if you were hiring, would you be interested in someone who had been curious enough to see what they could learn about a tool or software your company uses, and could demonstrate their willingness to learn? I would!
And if you manage a staff or volunteers or work teams, are you providing training for your group? The need for activities that generate group cohesion and team work is more pronounced than when we all worked in the same space. With Zoom, Teams, and other online platforms that incorporate visuals and voices of all team members, you have great channels for nurturing your team. Working with a trained facilitator, you can increase the impact of training (at a safe social distance) and you may find that your personnel respond better than when they gathering in the staff training room.
If you would like to discuss that claim,
give me a call/message. I would enjoy sharing my observations and helping you design training for your group. Above all, I believe training should have a definitive outcome and be more than an entertaining moment. When training results in a new skill you can see in use, a change of attitude about certain customer issues, or a leap forward in communication clarity, you know the investment of time and funds has been worthwhile.
Training is one way to engage in life-long learning, and if you are in business or are nurturing your career, it is worth your while. I want to encourage you in seeking effective training while supporting the public health considerations of COVID-19. May I assist?
Contact me.