Transition Management

conveying the message of change in companies & careers

Career management: your approach to the choice of occupation, industry, place, and culture in which to be engaged for compensation. When you want to increase your accuracy and efficiency in attaining career goals, Transition Management consultants will become your process guides.
Your sessions are individual and focused solely on your needs. Preparing a work plan for your next steps is the final part of each session. Then, you complete agreed-upon activities prior to additional time together.
Assisting the career navigation of mid- and senior- level professionals is my best skill. Working with men and women changing career fields, re-entering the civilian workforce, seeking promotions, making lateral moves within an industry -- these transitions have common features. By providing effective and modern personal marketing tools for branding, I guide you to be efficient and effective.
Mary M Rydesky
Transition Management is not a recruitment service nor a staffing agency. We are consultants and advisors in career management.