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Lean Training,  Lean Knowledge Mgt

Every company has information that, if everyone remembered the right thing every time, would decrease errors and wasted time.  Using Transition Management's Learning Management Systems and instructional design approach organizes and polishes your capture and recall of your company's way of doing things.

Transition Management uses LEAN principles (a focus on continuous quality improvement) to cut to the key information that keeps your organization running. You get an organized, efficient way to access your company know,  the information that is in your head.

We use Open Source software to database and deliver - this reduces your costs of long-term operation.  Your investment goes directly to the capture and delivery of your own how-to's.  And, if you need standardizes compliance training options (safety, employment issues, etc.) or manager/executive leadership training, we have well-tested material ready to review and customize for your setting.

Goal of KM: to transfer knowledge from one human being to another to enable the one who needs the knowledge to solve a specific problem or handle a specific task.

KM - knowledge management - is the name for the process. LEAN is an approach to continuous quality improvement that emphasis teamwork, personal discipline, improved morale and work ethics, quality circles, and methods for engaging everyone in ‘noticing’ and submitting ideas for improvement. Call Transition Management to see how it works for you.

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...conveying the message of change in companies & careers