Transition Management

conveying the message of change in companies & careers

Transition Management...a consulting company
...conveying the message of change in companies & careers

Tools for managing your career, part 2
Resume Development
A Pinterest list for job candidates
Taking fluff out of your resume
Interview Questions to Ask
SHRM's annual overview
2013 review of what benefits attract employees
A Pinterest Graphic
Career Advice Blog - specifically her reommended reading list
Pinterest Pins on Career Transition
With outline of what to collect and how to file
Nout sure what's next?
Writing an executive resume
Help in determining what you WANT in a job
Quick, low cost method to get employment history
Words to strengthen your resume and statements
WallStreetJournal Live 2013 - negotiation tips
Short video with great tips
Nearly 150 links!
Career Management - reading
Great chart for coordinating shoes & suits for various events including interviews
Tools for career planning & college National Career Development Association
Career Center and tools including self assessments
USA's primary source of occupational intormation, Dept of Labor
100+ URLs for international jobs
Feb 2014 Careerealism
Tips when relocation is part of your job search strategy
Goal Setting - a TED talk by Priya Parker
2014 article in US News & World Report
Tool for visualizing keywords
Tool for listing frequency of words in resume and job announcement
By Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan of Career Sherpa has great checklists for your use!
March 2014 interview quesitons
Interview Questions
ool for listing frequency of words in resume and job announcement
counts frequency of words in text
tool for visualzing keywords
Important view of what you offer
What are the odds?
Tips on making the choice to accept an offer